Is the Facebook's IPO going to affect the dot-com investment market?

Last Friday we witnessed Facebook's long waited IPO, lots of investors and Facebook workers with shares of the company became instantly millionaires. I don't want to discuss the details of the  launch of Facebook, or why its initial value has drop off 13% in just one week, or how eccentric is Mark Zuckerberg marrying a day after selling his shares. You can check al the news about the IPO in Techcrunch


What I am concerned about, as owner of a dot-com company, is how is going to affect this to the habitual dot-com investors, like the VCs. At first sight, I thought it was going to benefit the poor image of our sector after the 
dot-com bubble of 2000, but one week after the initial public offering, I'm thinking that it's going to question again the internet business models based on publicity.

It's true that Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs might have disguised the estimations of Facebook's future income in the reports, and it's value was 
over estimated. But, what they are really doing, it's generating doubt around the ad based internet business model, possibly, the only model for the content based web pages.

The revenue of popular web services like, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, or even Google, is Ad Based, if the market starts doubting the profitability of this business model, we will be back again in front of a "smaller" dot-com bubble puncture.

We will see what happens with the Facebook share value, it will possibly stabilize during the following weeks, probably in a value next to 30 $/share, that means that people paying the initial 40 $/share will be loosing 30% of their investment. 

Hopefully it won't generate distrust over dot-com companies.


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